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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Motion Blur

It has become my new holy grail to find a good way of adding motion blur to animation during post production.

This has meant trying to get a grasp of Toxik which is a horrendous piece of software with immense power hidden away behind incomprehensible UI. Ive tried motion vector passes with Toxik and it wont play nice, plus theres no real directional blur, just guassian blur. I cant get mental ray shaders to do it. The rapid motion renderer is no quicker though it claims to be. I despair.

Why am I doing all this? because, yes, I'm back on the What project, something I'm determined to finish over summer. click to enlarge:

From 40 minutes down to 13!
Who would've thought halving the texture resolutions could save so much render time, especially when its only about a 2mb difference in file size.

Saw a review interview with the author of this book, sounds interesting.


  1. Hi Olly,
    Try AfterEffects and ReelSmartMotionBlur.
    Motion blur should always be added in post and this does it very well.

  2. 2mb difference in a comresed texture could been 500mb in an uncompressed texture. and allmost all rending system uncompressed the textures and put them in ram. (in an uncompressed raw image the i just white, pure takes up just as much space as the same resolution of a complex image)

  3. ReelSmartMotionBlur costs $80 but it is exactly what im looking for. Its bizarre After effects or Toxik dont have this built in.


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